Statement on renewable liquid heating fuel amendment to the Energy Bill

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Joint statement from Paul Rose, Chief Executive of OFTEC,
and Ken Cronin, Chief Executive of UKIFDA, on the renewable liquid heating fuel
amendment to the Energy Bill.

“Following the conclusion of the Energy Bill’s Report Stage on Tuesday
evening, we are pleased that a renewable liquid heating fuel amendment to the
Energy Bill, proposed by the new DESNZ Secretary of State, Claire Coutinho,
following support from more than 30 MPs from across the political divide who
supported George Eustice’s amendments on rural decarbonisation, has been

“Rural communities deserve to have a range of options to decarbonise their
homes which reflect their view on affordability and level of acceptable
disruption. The provision of a drop in replacement renewable liquid fuel
provides a clear pathway to achieving decarbonisation quickly.

“This amendment will require the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero
to deliver a consultation on a renewable liquid heating fuel obligation within
12 months of the Bill receiving Royal Assent. We will work closely with the
Department to make this happen and also to meet the clear wishes of many MPs
expressed yesterday to ensure this process is delivered as quickly as possible
and well within that timeframe.”

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