Top government minister visits Cornish school to see HVO in action

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The Secretary of State for the Environment has visited a primary school in Cornwall which is the first in the country to use HVO to heat its premises.

George Eustice MP made the trip to Gwinear Primary School which recently switched from heating oil to the new fossil free fuel.

During the visit, Mr Eustice said: “HVO could be a very important stepping stone on the way to net zero in rural areas like this. There are a lot of people still reliant on oil fired boilers and this is a more environmentally-friendly fuel.”

Gwinear Headmaster Lee Gardiner added: “Our school is an historic building so it is extremely difficult to insulate using more modern techniques. Installing a completely new heating system would likely be disruptive to daily school life and could damage such an important structure. So when I saw the success of HVO conversions in other settings across Cornwall, I knew I had found the perfect option for Gwinear!”

South West heating oil supplier Mitchell & Webber is providing Gwinear Primary School with the new fuel and company directors John and Robert Weedon are delighted the simple, practical solution has gained recognition from a top government official.

John Weedon said: “We think it’s incredibly important to offer customers choice when it comes to making their home sustainable. We believe the best options will be those that are the least disruptive and most cost effective, which is exactly why we’re such huge advocates of this future-ready fuel.”

Add your support to the call to government to introduce renewable liquid fuel as a green heating option for oil heated homes.

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