Scotland’s first home heated on HVO

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HVO is being used for the first time to heat a home in Scotland as part of expanding UK wide trials to demonstrate the benefits of the renewable liquid fuel.

The heating system in Jodie Allan’s Stirlingshire home has undergone a simple conversion to switch from heating oil to HVO, which is made from sustainably certified waste materials and reduces emissions by 88%.

Jodie, who is Managing Director of fuel distributors James D Bilsland, said: “We changed to HVO in March and everything has gone smoothly with no difference to the heating.

“The HVO is stored in our existing 1,200-litre tank and it is estimated we will use around 20 litres a day in the colder months.

“It’s great to be part of the demonstration scheme and hopefully the results can convince others that switching from fossil fuels to a renewable liquid fuel such as HVO is the way forward.”

A renewable liquid fuel solution could help oil heated households dramatically reduce the cost of decarbonising their properties. This is especially true for those living in older, larger less energy efficient homes that are not ideal for conversion to heat pumps without expensive, disruptive improvements. This is on top of the cost to install a heat pump which averages between £10,000 and £30,000.

Liquid fuel heating trade associations OFTEC and UKIFDA, who are behind the trials, are calling on government to support renewable liquid fuel in carbon reduction policy.

Add your support to ensure renewable liquid fuel such as HVO becomes available for oil heated homes.

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