Household names back drive to make HVO a reality

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More than 45 key players in the liquid fuel heating industry have written to government underlining their readiness to deliver a cheaper, more practical solution to decarbonising oil heated homes than the current options supported.

Leading household names including Worcester Bosch, Grant Engineering, Aga Rangemaster and Kingspan, are among those pledging commitment to help rapidly roll out a renewable liquid fuel solution to replace oil heating during the early 2020s.

The fuel – Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) – offers a near drop in replacement for heating oil, avoiding the high installation costs associated with other low carbon heating systems, and promises to cut carbon emissions from oil heated homes by 88%.

This is greater than the carbon reduction levels currently achieved by electrically powered heat pumps and solid biomass systems; the two solutions government is proposing for off gas grid homes.

HVO is now being successfully trialled in properties across the UK, demonstrating first hand the huge potential this solution offers in helping to overcome the challenge of decarbonising rural homes, while saving households and government many millions of pounds.

Converting existing oil heated systems to run on HVO costs around £500 for a working boiler or £3,000 if the boiler needs replacing. There is also no pressing need to upgrade property insulation, although this is of course preferable to reduce running costs and further minimise emissions.

It is essential that more affordable low carbon heating solutions are available alongside those currently supported by government to provide a choice of workable options for all housing types and incomes. Without this, rural households will face an unaffordable financial burden and crucial emission reduction targets will not be met.    

Industry is willing and able to turn an HVO solution into reality and your support will help to make this happen. Find out what you can do to help here.

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