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The next few weeks are crucial for securing policy support for renewable liquid fuels. YOU can make a difference.

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An Energy Bill is currently going through Parliament. We’re calling for an amendment to be made to support the use of HVO in oil heated homes. 

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Three reasons renewable liquid fuels are so important...

1. The government wants to end the use of oil heating

The government has set out proposals to end the installation of fossil fuel boilers in the home from 2026. In most cases, households would be expected to switch to a heat pump.

However, many oil heated properties aren’t suited to a heat pump unless expensive and disruptive changes are made which could include new radiators, added insulation and a new hot water tank. The government’s own calculator reveals the cost could be over £20k in some cases. Even if we weren’t in a cost of living crisis, that’s simply unaffordable!

2. Our demonstration project has been a huge success 

Around 150 oil heated properties across the UK from homes, pubs, schools to churches have been using the renewable liquid fuel Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) for the past two years as part of our demonstration project.
HVO Installer

 It’s been a huge success! The switch from kerosene to HVO required a minor modification to the boiler at an estimated cost of £500. As a result, carbon emissions were reduced by 88%. Research shows there is more than enough sustainably sourced supply to meet demand.

That’s why renewable liquid fuels, with minimal upfront cost and disruption, are the ideal alternative solution. Our project is the perfect blueprint for more rural communities to follow as part of a wider rollout.

3. HVO could be supported in the government’s Energy Bill

An Energy Bill currently going through Parliament could be amended to create a Renewable Liquid Heating Fuel Obligation (RLHFO), to mirror for home heating the current incentive scheme in place for HVO in transport, which would greatly reduce the cost of HVO for oil heating users.

George Eustice MP, and a growing number of other rural MPs, are supporting this policy approach.

We’re also calling for the Treasury to align the fuel duty rate of HVO for heating with that of kerosene, as this too would help to make HVO an affordable heating option.

Write to your MP and urge them to back the amendment:

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